Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wishes for your Love ones!

Don't you wish the best for your love ones?

I often heard this question many times and my answer would be YES! We always want to do the best for our love ones. The question is, do we tell the words and express it to them? The thing is, we didn't tell each other what we feel maybe because we are not used to and it feels awkward for us. It might be that others may regard us too sentimental but dude saying the words is a tough thing to do.

Saying I love you to your mother,father,siblings,friends and even to your love. And sharing some words of appreciation and wishes to make them feel better and let them know that you care.

During birthdays, weddings and any celebration is your opportunity to tell what you want for their life. Saying "Happy Birthday" , "Best Wishes" etc.; is not just enough. Why not tell them, I wish you so and so....utter the words to say.

I read this book on " One Hundred wishes" by Rohan Candappa. I find this awesome and it helps me to encourage myself to say the best thing for my love ones. I just want to share to you some of my top picks.

I wish you a shaft of sunlight on the gloomiest days.

I wish you a kiss in the moonlight from the one you love.

I wish you compassion.

I wish you the sound of your children's laughter.

I wish you the strength to see the opportunities in your adversities.

I wish you the mountain to climb and the will to do it.

I wish you a big squashy sofa with a cat on its arm.

I wish that you meet someone who makes your heart race.

I wish you the shade of big tree on a sunny day.

I wish you the love of learning.

I wish you the temperament to teach.

I wish you a home as welcoming as a mother's embrace.

I wish you courage.

I wish you the sense to laugh at the world and all its absurdities and the wisdom to laugh at yourself before others do.

I wish you mistakes so that you can learn.

I wish you patience, because sometimes the world will insist on walking when you want to run.

I wish you the strength to face your fears, to recognize them as part of yourself, and still move on.

I wish you wisdom to listen to the inarticulate.

I wish you a garden on a summer's day where two squirrels play.

I wish you the warmth of the beds that you slept in as a child.

My wishes for my love ones:

I wish for financial breakthrough so you could help more to those who are in need.

I wish for good health in the coming days.

I wish you more promotion in your job.

I wish you will be my wedding singer.

I wish you can land a good job, with the right company and good compensation.

I wish you prosperity and overflowing blessings from God.

I wish you empowerment.

I wish you love me until the end of time.

More wishes....and sealed it with prayers.

Wish you all the best!

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