Saturday, August 29, 2009

Few Signs maybe he's not the right one for you

Here are a few signs that maybe, just maybe, he's not the right one for you:

  • You find yourself thinking about someone else when you're kissing him ( and we're not talking about Viggo- he's allowed ). Instead it's your co-worker with whom, unbeknownst to your boyfriend, you've been exchanging flirty, dirty e-mails for the past two months.
  • You consistently have more fun with your other friends than with your boyfriend.
  • Everything he does, from how he eats to the way he breathes, drives you crazy.
  • You fight constantly.
  • You read his journal, hoping to discover that he's cheating on you. He isn't. But he thinks you are. This gives you an idea. Bad one.
  • You've resorted to faking orgasms just so that you can get back to watching the rest of an old Seinfeld episode.
  • If you had to admit it, you'd have to say you're just not in love anymore.

From the Book: "The Truth Behind The Rock" Everything you never wanted to know about engagements...Until Now. By: Jessica Kaminsky.

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