Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Say Sorry in Unique Ways

Just like in any story, your love story will surely get to the point where the two of you will have some misunderstanding and awkward moment together. First we must learn to accept relationships will always get to its low points and that is when you can no longer fix things with your significant other. The question is how do you get back on track?

Below are the ways on how you can apologize dearly and sincerely:
Let your heart speak. Let her know how sincere you are with your apology. Show that you understand what is happening and you have accepted everything that happened will pave the way for the two of you to go well together. Saying the words that will comfort how she feels is the best thing a man can do for her woman.
Write it down. If you cannot say sorry personally, then you can simply write it down to express what you feel. Through this, you can also share some insights that you cannot say personally. Write it all down and let the power of your handwritten change the mood of your loved one.
If you know how to bake, then do it. Bake a small cake for your significant other and decorate it with "I’m sorry" and "I love you". This will surely melt his heart and surely he will forget the reasons why you are asking for an apology.
Take her to your place. Treat her or take her to your favorite place together. With this, she can easily forget what happened and just remembered all your sweet times together.
Get purple hyacinths. This is the best flower if you would like to say sorry to your significant other. You can give it to her personally while waiting for her in the office or you can simply put it in her bed while she's sleeping. A study shows that purple color emblems the message "let us forget the sadness and move on to happiness".
Sing her a song. If you have to sing just to get her full acceptance on your apology, then do it. There's nothing wrong hitting all those notes, just make sure that you have at least rehearse so you may sound good. You don’t have to sing like Barry Manilow to win her heart; you just have to sing what's in your heart.
No matter what caused the mess between the two of you, the solution is for the two of you to always think that... “It is not how you mess up with each other, it is how you fix things and decide to be together again, forever.”

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