Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Deal on Your New Relationship

Communicate. It is the communication that bridges two people, community, nation and the world together. So just like how people in the world communicate, make a way on how you can constantly communicate with your better half. By doing this, you are creating an unseen path between the two of you, a path that cannot be easily broken. When communicating, make sure that you are sincere with every word that will come out from your mouth. Be sincere enough by looking in your partner's eye whether you are listening or the one talking. With constant communication, you are gaining the relationship back to how it looks like before, fresh and always inviting.
Enjoy your time together. Time is a valuable thing a couple could have, so make the most out of it. Never waste time whenever you’re together, make use of every single minute in the clock by making your better half happy. Make laughter one of the active ingredients of your relationships. A humorous talk everyday while doing things together will ignite that magnet with your better half to stick with you forever.
You are in it. Yes, and it is called "relationship". The Relationship involves two people who are madly in love with each other, people who want to share the same thoughts and lives together. You are not alone; you and your better half are teammates, love mates who will face all the struggles and happiness ahead. Together holding each other hand tight, make an unbreakable connection with your partner. Never work alone, instead work together.
Respect differences. Different people have different attitude, hobbies, likes and perception towards things. Give yourselves a time to enrich yourself as an individual and let your partner enjoy whatever he wants to do as long as it is not affecting your relationship or hurting you. By giving yourself some time, you can give a lot more to your partner.
Make fun of your little argue; don’t take it seriously because this somehow stimulates the relationship to be healthy. Little argues serves as your outlet to let negative things flush out in the relationship. Some frustrations and discontentment bring the two of you to the closer core because you are able to understand more. Just make sure to make up right away and not to let the day pass by over little argues.
Stay the same. The time you fell in love with each other was the most beautiful day so keep it going. Continue your night dates, dinner together, notes, gifts and how you spent time together. Things like these revive and enlighten the life of the relationship making it very fresh and young. Be yourself as always and never change the way you are to yourself, to your partner and to the rest of the world.

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