Sunday, March 06, 2011

How to be Confident on Your First Date

As saying goes, first impression last, and so what are you going to do with your first date? How are you going to impress that guy you want to be with? Clueless for sure. What I have below are the ways on how you can simply be confident enough to make your first date an impression that will surely last.

Take your time with yourself; ask yourself whether you are really ready for it. Nothings beats the confidence within, so if you think that you are good enough and ready for everything, then you can now proceed with your first date.

Be comfortable enough. Be comfortable just the way you are. Check yourself in the mirror, if you feel like you have to do some changes then do it, just make sure not to forget your identity, the real you is still the most attractive and most lovable person in this world.

Prepare Ahead. If you are attending yoga class or any fitness class, be patient with it. Winners don’t just sleep and win, they work hard and persevere. So get your tights on and burns all those excess calories and be ready for the new you.

Be with the people who love you. Be with people who loves you dearly, stay away from those who often criticize you, remember the golden rule for confidence, "People see you the way you see yourself" . Never let other people bring you down, instead work on yourself so you can be simply happy with all the qualities that you have and for sure you will always be and forever beautiful.

Arrive in time. Never be late on your first date, make sure to attend just in time. This will make a good impression on your date and for sure your first date will be followed by another second date.

Think of Interesting topics. The date is new and fresh and for sure there are lot of questions in your mind already, filter on your mind the questions which you would like to ask to your date, by doing this, you are eliminating dull moments with your date.

Be beautiful inside and out. We can never tell, maybe this date is what you are waiting for, perhaps your date might be the one destined for you. Let your inner beauty reign and let your first date a memorable one.

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