Sunday, March 06, 2011

How to Make a Memorable Love Letter

With the countless technologies offered today, who still knows how to write a romantic love letter? For sure some would prefer to buy an instant love letter card at the bookstore because of their hectic schedule. But no matter how busy you may be, there are still ways on how you can easily and instantly write a romantic love letter for your love to maintain the connection alive.

Write like a child. Children are honest and pure, they speak straight from their hearts which melts our hearts whenever we received a letter from them. You don’t have to use a dictionary in doing so, purely organize your thoughts, and easily write down what is at the bottom of your heart. Nothing will beat the power of honesty and sincerity; it is still the best way to win someone's heart.

Be Unique. Though there are millions of love letters that you can find online, don’t copy it. Your words and thoughts are still the most romantic and most beautiful your love would want to hear. Be unique in your own way, bear in mind that once you make a love letter, you let your heart speak, you let a part of your romantic side revealed.

Grocer's List. You do not have to worry if you are not into writing, in writing love letters you do not have to be that formal and strict. Your writing must be free and romantic, if you do not know how to start your letter, begin it with a list of the qualities you appreciate so much. Just like when the grocer's list, a checklist of all the good qualities even the not so good can be counted as long as you will justify and still reason out why you love him for that.

Work on the Letter itself. Make sure to make it look special for your loved one. Use materials that worth using for, a letter with a beautiful cover and package in all will surely be memorable so grab it on. Also, check your wordings, make sure that the whole package will please one's eye and melt one's heart.

Love poems and songs. You can begin your love letter with a poem from one of your favorites or a part of a song the two of you would like to hear often. Choose a romantic line and dedicate it to her, choose proper words that would rhyme in the end, these are the lines that make the poem beautiful so work on it.

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