Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Maintain the Connection Alive

Below are the ways on how you can easily boost up the love again in your relationship:

Don’t Forget Your Love Note. Yes, simple notes are quite romantic, especially for girls who love to read love letter notes from their man. These have not to be that long, a simple 3 sentences note will surely make her day.

Keep Walking. Get sometime where the two of you can walk together at night while holding each other's hand. This will surely boost the conversation between the two of you. While walking, try to talk about some things you have been up to lately, talk about anything and enjoy your walk.

Spend quality time with her. Get to know the real deal of vacation by going out with your significant other on weekends. Make sure to focus on your vacation alone. Try not to take your tech gadgets with you, just the two of you alone, with this you will surely enjoy time with each other.

Breakfast in Bed. Make each morning romantics by preparing breakfast in bed meal ahead of your significant other. With a simple rose in bed and a yummy meal, you'll surely have a blast of love in the morning.

File up your Song Pick Together. Make a list and compile your songs together, get to know all her favorites and compile it in a disc player with your all time favorite songs. With this, you can create a real love song deal through your love and yours song pick.

This may be a little too hard especially if you are into writing but this will surely melt her heart, make a poem for her and show her how you deeply love her through rhyming words. Simple things like this may look small but extra large at heart.

Go for a sunset together. Watch the sunset together and make sure to hold each other hand while the sun bids goodbye for the day. This would mean that you will be with her through the days and nights of her life, that the two of you will be together forever.

Make her feel proud and compliment her good deeds. Make her feel that you are very proud of her with the things she did. Remember to be true and sincere in everything you say or do. By doing this, you are showing the importance of appreciation that will surely help her gain more self confidence.

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