Sunday, February 20, 2011

How You Can Simply Make Him Fall

Learn how to listen. Though women love talking, have time to listen to his stories, his strengths and weaknesses, his dreams and his heart. Listen attentively to win his confidence.

Throw some of your emotional baggage and live life lightly. Men would not want to be with a dramatic woman, they love to be with a real woman.

To win a man's heart is through his stomach, so know how to cook some dishes for him. Your mom will surely love to teach you how you can cook his favorite recipe for the man you love. Know how and watch him fall for you.

Live it Up. Men would love to be with a woman who has a set of interests. It would be interesting if you can come up with things you love because apparently you will end up loving. Always remember that people see you the way you see yourself, so don’t waste your time and live your life happily.

Be intelligent, men would like to be with someone who has a good sense of humor and knows the how to of life. In case you are, then be careful not to be boastful because this makes the off moment, for men do not like boastful women.

Feel the beauty within you. How you see yourself reflected on how other people see you so it is very important to look at your own beauty and let the good chi come out and reign over your whole character. Having a beauty that can never be broken by age or any cosmetics is the most valuable beauty in the world.

Get deeper into conversation with him. This will help the two of you especially if you are still in the "getting to know stage". Knowing the type of person he is, is one of the essentials of getting to this stage. Through this, you could have an inner view of the way he was raised; moreover get to know to the roots of his being.

Art of Communication. Make sure to use every day to express your care and love for him. I'm not saying to make it obvious right away, make him feel that you are always there for him and that there is always someone she can count on. A simple effort on knowing how his day was, is a good move already.Just remember not to ask too much because this is awkward for women, he might think that you are stalking even the two of you are just about getting to know stage.Give honest and sincere compliments.

Men like direct and true compliments, so be true in everything you say and do. Just make sure to say it only and just when you mean it. Know when to throw the punch lines that will turn him on, say something like "I love it when you smile and giggles", this will surely create a magnet between the two of you.

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