Friday, November 03, 2006

I just cross the bridge when I get there

I just cross the bridge when I get there”…this is the most likely quote I always remember when facing with a lot of issues in my life: boredom, battle of the heart, financial crisis, self enlightenment and a lot more.

When a problem arises, I used to situate it like crossing a bridge, I don’t know what lies ahead of me there but for sure I want to cross it to reach my destination. I know there’s been an obstacle along the way: fear, discouragement, oppression, battles etc. but in spite of that I am willing to pursue my goal. 

Sometimes, when a problem arises along the way, I think of the other way….not to pass through, I tried to swim down the river but It was nearer to my grave and besides I don’t know how to swim…. hehe hehe. So I went back and follow the trail.

Beyond the distance, I could see some of my friends waving at me, some are yelling, shouting with envy. In spite of that…I kept on walking until I reach nearly to my sanctuary but it never ends there….I should have to run with perseverance because there’s a lot of bridge that I will pass through…. Ha-hay!!!That’s life it would be…crossing a bridge I’m on my way!!!

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