Monday, November 03, 2008

Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers

Need to send a bouquet of love? Make sure you're sending what they want and it's saying what you intend it to! Below is the top 10 romantic flower choices.
10. Iris
Meaning: Faith & Hope

9. Sunflower
Meaning: Adoration

8. Wild Flowers
Meaning: Whimsical

7. Lilac
Meaning: Do you still love me? (Mauve lilacs)

6. Carnation
Meaning: Fascination

5. Orchid
Meaning: Love, Beauty, Seduction & Refinement

4. Lily
Meaning: Beauty

3. Tulip
Perfect Love

2. Daisy
Meaning: Innocence, Loyal Love, Purity

1. Rose
Meaning: I love you.

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