Saturday, February 12, 2011

How You Can Make An Extra Special Valentines Day

Love is in the air and it is surely in your heart right now. You are surely thinking of something sweet and romantic to do for your significant other, probably thinking of going out for a date, sending emails with endless I love you's or even thinking of just being with him alone.Thinking of how you can make this day special? Well, think again because what I have listed below are not just the ways on how you can make Valentines day special, but how you can make it extra special for your significant other on this very romantic season:

Do something he wouldn't expect that you could do. Even if you are not that sporty, get a ticket for the two of you where you can watch a live live game together. Allow yourself to understand why he's in that game. Never pretend to love it just because he do, a little appreciation and understanding why he likes it would mean so much to him.

Get an empty jar and label it with "100 Reasons Why I Love You". Filled it with small colored rolled papers were reasons where personally written by you. Ask him to read it every day and for sure his heart will melt like chocolates.Aside from rolling papers, make a handwritten love letter on a tissue and carefully extend your thoughts and love for him through this.

Instead of making an appointment with a professional photographer which will surely cost your money, take some time to get a camera with you and photograph the two of you all day long. Candid photos in the park,beach or anywhere you like is surely the best as long as it is natural and true. Once you got it all, print it out and compile it in a simple photo album and give it as a present on Valentines Day.

If you love cooking or baking, cook your loved one's favorite and do it wholeheartedly. Do not pressure yourself by making it beautiful, focus on the taste and aroma because these are the elements that melts one heart. If you know how to bake, make an extra special cake and put something on it. It is something he will get once he tasted it, a rolled letter or a simple thing you would like him to have from you.

Go Extreme. Try a zipping ride or a hot air balloon ride will be a romantic trip for the two of you. Make it even more romantic by watching the sun complete with the arms of your significant other.

Red Dinner.If you are married already, get a copy of your wedding photo, enlarge it and put it in a simple yet elegant frame.Write a note like "I love you more today than yesterday" and sign your name below it. Prepare a romantic home based dinner where food is colored with pink or red color alone, try to make a red mashed potatoes, heart shaped pink jellies etc. Watch a romantic movie together and enjoy the rest of the night.

Enjoy the day with your loved one and make sure to give your best. Just be sincere and true in everything you do.

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