Friday, November 03, 2006

Finding your soulmate: Is it a mission impossible?

Will I ever find my soul mate? Is there a perfect soul mate somewhere for me? I often heard these questions which surpasses from every generation in finding someone to whom we feel constantly connected and personal relationship with. Being in a relationship is a challenging yet dramatic one. Just as what we see in the movie, read in novels, it is just a series of ups and down situation, a climax and an end. Many relationships end up nothing, why? Were we mistaken? Was that person not our soul mate  Or we just can't able to make things work out?

I had been in a relationship that for me, perhaps the man to share my whole life with but eventually as the relationship goes on I found it not productive and somewhat possessive. I was just dreaming of a perfect relationship just like some fairy tales do. “And they live happily ever after,” but in reality, it is not like that.
Most relationship do not work out because we are finding for something best, an ideal partner and ideal relationship. 

We are creating our soul mate relationship in the future today. In a loving relationship, both persons have a positive reception for individual differences and needs. If troubles occur, nurture the relationship, correspond always, and be patience. If mutual efforts and counseling are done to make the relationship harmonious but still does not work out? Then, don’t stick with it! It’s not anymore healthy to pursue a relationship like that. It will not improve you as a person. A major key to a healthy relationship is to see the holiness in each other. 

A relationship which is based on physical attraction, need and money issues will sooner or later break- ups will occur. Every relationship serves a purpose and must be treasured for it will give us spiritual growth. We should be thankful for the experiences we had in a relationship which able we learn from it.
I believe with this phrase in a poem by William Earnest Henley, “I am the captain of my fate; I am the master of my soul”. The circumstances we are in correspond to every action we do in life. Life is what we make it. 

We are the author of our destiny to create a relationship we want in every new possibilities we imagine. To make it more romantic and with intense intimacy not just what we see in movies but a relationship which is bonded spiritually with love. For me, finding your soul mate has been just like finding your special someone. This soul mate experience offers us a chance to start with romantic love and nourish in our hearts and spirits towards something higher. It is not impossible but rather thinks of some possibilities to meet some people to share your life with, be it for friendship or marriage.

We can create a soul mate experience today and obtain the positive benefits of this connection forever more. For those who want to love genuinely and passionately, start finding your soul mate now!

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