Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Craziest things I’ve done

Well hello everyone! I'm a little free so I guess I'll share my thoughts of the things I have done quite sometime now or just in the past. Things are going pretty much stark crazy and yet worth remembering cause it made me smile and ease boredom. So, here I go…

1. Climbed a guava tree and fall on the ground.

2.. Said “I love you’ and meant it - of course, I have never said it and not meant it, I sometimes think it would be easier if I wasn't so damned determined to be honest

3. Hugged a tree - I might have leant against one and just happened to have my arms stretched out.

4. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise.

5. Walked the stairway of Mt. Hibok hibok in Camiguin and get fainted at the top.

6. Ride on the bus without knowing where I was going.

7. Watched a meteor shower but it was not meteor but rain.

8. Got drunk on red wine.

9. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope.

10. Had a food fight - sounds like hideous rugby boy behavior.

11. Screamed as loudly because of cockroach.

12. Seen a lunar eclipse.

13. Ride a horror train and screamed all night.

14. Actually felt happy about my life, even for just a moment.

15. Taken care of someone who was drunk.

16. Watched dolphins at sea, many of them.

17. Midnight walks on the beach.

18. Ride a horse, someone was with me.

19. Sung karaoke – my secret vice.

20. Got flowers for no reason – well, I guess they just thought I was worth it.

21. Performed on stage – not for a long time.

22. Pretended to be "sick”.

23. Saved someone's life and turn out I was the one being rescued.

24. Fainted in public due to stomachache.

25. Broken someone’s heart - oh yes, a few times but they all got over it

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