Saturday, December 09, 2006


The spirit of Yuletide season is in the air! People are giving gifts to their lover, friends, and family.Haven’t you wondered about man about giving presents that someone could think about.

If your man gives you a sucky gift, it doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you. He may just be a man.

He rings the doorbell with a Christmas present in hand. Too big to be a diamond ring, to small to be a mickey pillow. You tear at the paper to uncover…..a stuffed monkey that dances the Christmas carol in a bikini. You smile and wonder, what would baby Jesus do if I slap him with his dancing monkey?
Before you do, consider this: Based upon my research…< char! >

• Experts claim that some men just don’t “get” giving. According to Eileen Fisher, Ph. D., associate professor of marketing at York University in Toronto, that’s a personality trait called “other orientation” which people with this trait devote time and effort in buying gifts to show they care, “she says. The dilemma is men are less likely than women to possess this “ other orientation”

• Chances are Mom done him wrong, she probably dragged his sisters out to choose gifts for their friends, says Dr. Fisher, but in his case did the choosing for him – leaving his free to dig up worms in the backyard. Worst case scenario- you get worms for Christmas.

• Men spend big, if badly. Guys shop at the last minute and spend less time doing it, Dr. Fisher says, on the bright side, they dole out more dough per gift than women do, which is useful during post holiday sales.”
This dancing monkey has mysteriously lost all of its stuffing. You kept the receipt, right? “

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