Friday, November 09, 2007

10 tips to keep respect in your relationship

1. Texting instead of sending a birthday card is not a goer. It generally tells your partner that you actually forgot their big day, and are sending a text to pretend that you haven't. Is your life really that busy?

2.Not only failing to hold a door open but actually letting it slam behind you in your partner's face is never on, no matter how much of a rush you are in. Even worse, is not saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you.

3.Email greetings cards are fine to friends if you put a bit of effort into them (ie: not the freebies you get on a Google search) but unless your significant other is miles from home with only an internet connection for company, it really does show a shocking lack of thoughtfulness.

4.Eating the last chocolate in the box without consulting your partner is unwise - if it also happens to be their favorite, it's unforgivable.

5.Rushing ahead to bag the window seat on a train, 'plane or bus before offering it to your partner could lead to an abrupt end to your relationship.

6.When it's raining, hogging the umbrella to the extent that your partner is left uncovered and soaked is not very considerate. Cuddle up, or you might find it's not just the umbrella that is left surplus to requirements.

7.Drivers who repeatedly park the car so they have loads of room to exit the vehicle, whilst their partner must squeeze like a contortionist to get out, deserve have not just their car keys confiscated, but their relationship too.

8.Taping over or deleting your partner's favorite programmes from your Sky+ planner in order to make room for your own, is not just lacking in chivalry, it's just plain mean!

9.The definition of a swine is a one who hogs the remote control 24/7, especially if they go to the extent of actually taking it off their partner when they enter the room.

10.Insisting your partner always goes to the bar to get the drinks in, especially when you're out in a big group with most of your mates, is not just tight, it's rude!

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